About breath.life.yoga

A holistic approach to inspired living – those are the words we live by at breath.life.yoga. We want to help you improve your body, mind, and spirit so you can live your best life.

We strive to stay true to the foundations of authentic yoga. We incorporate asana, breathing techniques, and meditation into our classes so you experience every aspect of this ancient practice. We design our classes with the goals, skill level, and capacity of each student in mind. Smaller class sizes allow for more personal attention. You won’t get lost in the crowd at breath.life.yoga. You’ll feel connected and supported on your journey.

At breath.life.yoga we believe that balance is important – physical, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle balance. Our holistic approach to your wellbeing is intended to nurture all aspects of your life. Look to our Health Coaching programs to round out the physical and spiritual practices of yoga.

Our smaller size allows us to customize our services based on what our clients need. We offer private instruction. We love to create celebratory sessions for special occasions. Numerology and reiki are unique ways to find balance off the mat.

We hope every class, regardless of its focus, challenges you in some way. We want to walk beside you on your path, grow with you, and serve you.

Join us for a class or contact us to arrange the yoga experience that works best for you.