About Melissa

Hi! I’m Melissa Webb, Holistic Guide.

You know that feeling when you find something that works for you and you love it? We’ve all experienced it. Sometimes it’s a small thing, like a new route to work. Other times it’s life changing, like a great book. One thing that works for me time and again is taking a holistic approach to wellness, in big and small ways.

Yoga is my go-to. It’s a practice that’s adaptable to any skill level, time of life, and current wellness. It addresses body, mind, and spirit so it’s truly holistic. Because it can be modified to any situation it’s the foundation of my holistic guide business. The rest of what I offer is an extension of, and a compliment to, yoga.

Holistic Health Coaching is next in line. Wellness isn’t only about what we eat . There has to be a balance of nutrition, exercise, self-care, creativity, relationships, healthy finances, and more. To gain the most benefit – treat the entire person. That’s the basis of my coaching program.

I round those out by digging into my toolbox. It’s full of fun ideas like reiki and numerology. Sometimes a ritual is in order. Other situations benefit from crystals or essential oils. There are as many ways to create wellness as you can imagine.

Clients who work with me get the advantage of my years of study and practice. That includes:

  • My knowledge of a unique blend of modalities
  • I’m an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) since 2003
    • I’ve taught thousands of yoga classes in dozens of locations
    • I was a studio owner for 7 years
    • I trained others to teach yoga
    • I studied ayurveda and restorative yoga
    • I am Yoga for 12 Step Recovery Certified
  • I’ve been a meditator since 1999
    • I’ve helped hundreds of people to start a meditation practice
  • I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach serving clients in 2016
    • I work one-on-one with clients to achieve wellness goals
  • I’ve been a Numerologist since 1985
    • I’ve done private readings over 200 people
  • I’m a Reiki Master
  • Continuing Education never stops for me – it’s a way of life
  • Opened The Yoga Spot at Geist in 2019 to bring yoga and holistic health to a larger audience

That’s a lot of numbers and accomplishments. Here’s what truly sets me apart – my desire to share with people a holistic approach to inspired living. I hope that message, along with my love of people, comes through in my approach and in my teaching.