The Number Four

In numerology the number four builds. That is to say,  what the number one conceives, the number two plans, and the number three envisions – the number four brings all this into form. It helps the idea take shape and sets the foundation.

When the four shows up you can be sure there will be order. Success comes through determination, practicality, and concentration. Without the  number four the world would be chaotic with plenty of great ideas floating around but not much getting done. Four applies the qualities of management and methodology to all undertakings to bring things together.

A lover of detail, it brings high standards, honesty, and courage to all it does. The four thrives with rules and loves tradition. Four can be a somewhat serious number. It’s a hard worker and sure to get things done, even if it takes more than one try.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the number four is stability. Think of someone who is always there for you in your life. Someone unwavering and steadfast. That person likely has fours in their chart somewhere.images

We all need a bit of the number four in our lives. If you want to find out how it shows up for you, contact me for a reading.




The Number Three

images-1Oh the joy of the number three! With so much artistic energy and imagination,  you’re sure to express yourself under the influence of the three. Three is an emotional number that likes to spend time with family and friends and takes the time to slow down and enjoy the ride. Pleasure is a key principle of three.

When the three shows up in your life it’s a time to use your vision to improve your life and/or the world. You’ll either be inspired or be inspiring. Either way, let the creativity flow! This is a time to turn dreams into reality.

Three loves to love. It has an inclusive feel to it. Many interesting experiences come with a three. A three has a certain flair the other numbers lack.

How does three impact your life? Is it a number that resonates with you? To learn more about numerology and the energy of the number three visit the website. It’s easy to schedule your personalized reading from there.






The Number Two

From a numerology standpoint, the number two has a peacemaker vibe. It asks us to be diplomatic and cooperative. To get the most out of the number two we need patience. The two is sincere and gracious.


What we start under a number one we continue with a two. Partnerships are formed. We gain an understanding that we can work together to achieve goals. There is a sense of cooperation and consideration.

The number two has a spiritual, meditative influence. It thrives in the light. It most often works for the benefit of the many instead of the few.

Does the number two resonate with  you? I’d love to share how the number two influences you and how all your numbers guide you on your path in life. Visit the website for information and to set up an appointment.




The Number One

In numerology, the number one is where we start. It’s the beginning, often of a 9 year cycle. It’s the number of origin and originality. It’s an inventive number full of creative thought. The number one asks us to be courageous and strong. It asks us to embark on new initiatives and new adventures.


2017 carries a one vibration. It’s OUR chance, collectively, to bring something new to the table. It’s a chance to take a fresh look at the world around us, near and far, and to be brave enough to explore new ideas, different ways of being. Change comes when we embrace the challenge of the one. We should face it with determination and a beginner’s mind. We have to be willing to take a leap of faith.

Although the larger one vibration that the universe feels in 2017 affects us all to some degree, you may notice the one in different ways for you and at different times of your life. You may connect strongly to the vibration of the one. It may have a subtle influence. Like most things in life the vibration of the one ebbs and flows at a different rate for each of us.

I’d love to share how the number one influences you and how all your numbers guide you on your path in life. Visit the website for information and to set up an appointment.