Find and Maintain Wellness

Much of my professional work is about helping others find and maintain wellness in their lives. That means different things for different people. Personally, I find that taking charge of my own health and wellness is empowering. A holistic approach ensures nothing is overlooked and moves me toward balance.

Ask yourself what wellness means to you. Is it not catching a cold every winter? Is it taking fewer medications? Maybe wellness is taking the time to eat better and exercise. Or do you feel “well” when your stress level is low and joy in your life is high? Wellness can apply to your physical and mental health, your relationships, your job, and your spiritual life. The healthiest person among us might feel lonely and isolated and therefore, not well.

Once you have a definition of wellness and an idea of how or where you lack wellness in your life, there are many ways to bring yourself back into balance. For me and my clients, yoga plays a major role. The movement, breath, and meditation help us feel present in our body and minds. The practices help us clear our minds and focus. With clarity we can decide what works for us and what we need to let go of to achieve wellness.

Nutrition also plays a huge part. What and how we eat nourishes our bodies. Physical wellness is most affected by diet and movement. Often when you supplement the orders of your physician with a whole foods diet you improve the effectiveness of your treatment plan. You are what you eat is a true statement!

There are so many other ways to find and maintain wellness. Time spent in nature or with family and friends will feed the soul. Volunteering or participation in a hobby can make you feel complete. The use of essential oils, mantra, prayer, crystals, massage, reiki…all these things help us get and stay in balance. Right now salt rooms, forest bathing, and flotation tanks are all the rage – and they work too! Explore all different roads to find the options that work best for you.

To me, wellness means feeling whole. To feel whole I use a holistic approach to address body, mind, spirit, and environment. As a holistic guide I honor that each of my clients is different and seek ways that resonate with them and support them on their journey. Then we work together help them achieve the wellness they seek.

What does wellness mean to you?


Melissa, Holistic Guide