Moon Energy

Do you love to look at the moon? It’s a bit like when you “stop to smell the roses” – a few minutes spent gazing at the moon will bring a smile to your face. The moon changes all the time, like us. Each evening as it rises it’s slightly different than the previous night. It moves in cycles, again, much like us. I believe we’re affected by the moon. What do you think?

The moon is a feminine, receptive energy. It’s has a cooling affect. The moon is yin, while the sun is yang. The Sanskrit word hatha (as in hatha yoga) is ha (sun) and tha (moon). In some yoga traditions they abstain from the physical yoga poses on the full and new moons. When it comes to the breath, the inhale represents a full moon and the exhale represents the new moon. Astrologers believe your moon sign is an important aspect of your personality, just like your sun sign.

All moon phases are significant. A ritual done on the day of the new moon helps to clarify our intentions and asks the moon to support their manifestation. You can join me in a new moon ritual every month. Check for dates and times here.

Let me know how the moon shows up in your life.