Needed Items List will collect items to support the following organizations:

  • Still Waters Adult Day Center meets the needs for adults (seniors and other adults) who need supervised care.
  • Coburn Place offers supportive services and housing options to survivors of intimate partner abuse.
  • Food 4 Souls provides meals and other items to the homeless population in Indianapolis.

Needed Items

Gift items for Still Waters Adult Day Center (please donate by 12/15:

  • Scented Hand/body lotion                                      2017 calendars
  • Men’s or women’s socks                                           Men’s ties
  • Chocolates                                                                     Refrigerator Magnets
  • Candles/candle holders                                            Earrings or necklaces
  • Adult coloring books                                                  Mugs with hot chocolate mix, etc.
  • Word search or puzzle books (large print)         Seasonal decor
  • Gloves, scarves, head wraps                                   Potpourri or other scented air fresheners
  • Kitchen towels or tea towels                                   Gadgets (mini tool kit, decorative bottle openers, etc)

Items needed for Coburn Place (please donate through the end of the year):

  • Advil/Tylenol                                                              Body wash/soap
  • Combs/brushes                                                         Laxatives
  • Feminine care products                                         Lotion
  • Neosporin                                                                    Pedia-lyte liquid
  • Shampoo/conditioner/hairspray                       Barrettes for children
  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste                                     Baby Wipes
  • Windex                                                                          Dishwasher detergent
  • Disinfectant wipes                                                    Facial Tissues
  • Toilet paper                                                               Laundry detergent
  • Paper towels                                                              Trash bags
  • Diapers                                                                        Baby soap/shampoo

Items needed for Food for Souls (please donate through the end of the year):

  • Blanket                                                                                  Sleeping bags
  • Toilet Paper                                                                       Towels & wash clothes
  • Battery or solar operated lanterns                             Disposable razors
  • Men’s white socks – new or gently used              Flashlights
  • Men’s thermal socks – new or gently used               Batteries – various sizes
  • Men’s long sleeve t-shirts – L, XL & XXL                       Baby wipes
  • Hand warmers