Melissa Webb, Holistic Guide, now offers numerology readings through The Yoga Spot at Geist. Get more information here.

Numerology Reading

Are you contemplating a change? Do you feel out of rhythm with those around you? Would you like a life that feels abundant? Numerology uses your name and birth date to explore who you are, what you are destined to do, and the qualities you have that help you achieve your goals. Learn how to get in sync with the vibration of your numbers to improve your life.

I’ll create a chart for specifically for you using your birth name and birth date.  Then we’ll sit together (this can be done via phone or other means if preferred) to read the chart.  I’ll explain what each number represents and answer any questions you have about your destiny and life path.  We can talk through your specific issues to get you on track to a better you.

Private reading is 45-60 minutes

Total commitment – $100

Download or print numerology information by clicking here.

Fill out the form below and I will be in contact within 48 hours to initiate the creation of your chart.