Soul Sessions

Melissa Webb, Holistic Guide, now offers Soul Sessions at The Yoga Spot at Geist. Get more information here.

What does your soul need right now to feel nurtured and supported? Each Soul Session is an opportunity to tune in, expand, and heal. There are many to choose from and new sessions are added from time to time. Feed your soul!


Soul Session Options

Standard Reiki                   Chakra Clearing            Essential Oils

Meditation Training         Rituals                             Crystals

Yoga Philosophy               Restorative Yoga           Ayurveda

Breath Training

Standard Reiki – energy movement to help you heal body, mind, and spirit

Chakra Clearing – a reiki session that helps to clear and balance the chakras

Essential Oils – learn how to use oils in daily life to enhance your well-being

Meditation Training – designed to make meditation something you could easily add to your day

Rituals – rituals help us feel grounded and purposeful and set our intentions

Crystals – find out how crystals can support your life

Ayurveda – ancient healthcare that applies to our busy world

Restorative Yoga – poses meant to support deep release of the body and nervous system

Yoga Philosophy – when you want to go deeper into the spiritual aspects of yoga

Breath Training – get relief from anxiety, stress, and pain – truly a transformation practice

Download or print Soul Session information by clicking here.