“Melissa encourages students to safely explore their limits of flexibility and balance. The studio offers a beginner level class for those newly exploring yoga. As someone who looks for variety, this is a welcomed addition.” – Nick

“Love Melissa’s classes. She truly teaches to all of the diverse levels of yoga.” – Jill

“Always great!” – Merle

“Melissa is a delight. She paces the classes well, is tuned in with the needs of the students and is encouraging to all. Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced yogi, Melissa makes the class a wonderful experience. Don’t be afraid to give yoga with Melissa a try, no matter your age or ability (or lack thereof)…..she will guide you gently through whatever your body needs. See you there!” – Janet

“Appreciated their “everybody is welcome” attitude and finding out about my body so the class could better meet my needs. I think I am hooked.” – Beth

“I found the class to be very relaxing, yet invigorating. I loved the meditation opportunity in the quiet which helped to clear the mind.”

“You won’t be disappointed. Melissa is the perfect yoga instructor. I feel better, move better and have a greater sense of well being through yoga. There are a lot of other opportunities at the studio to explore holistic caretaking as well. Great experience.” – Amy

“This place is amazing, even for beginners like me!” – Kim

“Try a class! It’s fun and it is the most relaxing part of my week! Again, all levels are welcome!” – Emily

“Can’t wait for the next class!” – Julie

“Melissa is an exceptional and inspirational health coach. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and benefitted in numerous ways. For example, she (1) inspired me to start working out with a personal trainer, which has increased my strength and energy; (2) taught me so much about nutrition; (3) introduced me to new foods; and (4) helped me lose weight. I highly recommend her.” – Pat

“Melissa helped me to focus and see where I could still improve upon my food choices to further healthy eating.” – Jenny