The Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice. Do you think about the solstice as the shortest day of the year or the longest night of the year? Do you consider it a day to celebrate? Does it feel magical to you? Some view it simply as how the earth circles the sun. Others find deeper religious or spiritual meaning.

The winter solstice falls just before Christmas every year. During this time of year we can feel outwardly focused. The solstice, with its many hours of darkness, invites us to slow down and look inward. It asks us to reflect on the season, on the year that was, and the year that is to come. 

It’s a great day for a ritual of some kind. Get outside, if you can, during the day or the night to appreciate the earth. Hold a stone in your hand. Put your feet in the grass. Spend time under the moon – it happens to be a full moon this year. Sip a cup of tea and read something that inspires you. Take a long, hot bath. Gather your family and friends to share and laugh. Meditate, pray, or give thanks.

The rest of the year will certainly fly by quickly. Take a moment today to breathe deeply and be present.