What is Healthy?

January can be a time when we start new habits designed to make us healthier. But what is healthy? I think it can be different for everyone. I’d love to hear what you think is healthy.

It can be a number like weight, blood pressure, calories, or miles. Some consider portion size or blood sugar. Another number might be times per week engaged in an activity like sleeping or lifting weights. Healthy is sometimes a number.

Healthy can be a feeling too. Happiness, contentment, serenity. It’s measured in things you love to do that feed your soul. Healthy is your relationships and job and outlook on life. It’s how you spend your down time and how often you laugh. It’s your connection to the earth, heaven, and the stars. Healthy is gratitude.

You aren’t just a body or just a mind. You’re the whole package – body, mind, and spirit. To be the healthiest version of you, your thoughts about health should include the entire you.

Take a holistic approach to inspired living.