Why A Home Practice?

Mudra lightThe first answer that pops into my mind is – why not? It’s unrealistic to think you’ll always make it to the yoga studio or fitness center. Life happens after all! There may be travel, sick family members, or jobs that get in your way. Having a go-to home practice is the perfect fix.

Home practice can be approached several ways. DVD’s, YouTube, and the internet can provide a  variety of classes and different teachers. There are classes out there for beginners to advanced in a variety of yoga styles. It may take a minute to figure out your personal preferences but once you’ve got it dialed in it’s an easy way to practice from home or on the road.

Books and yoga decks are another option. These options provide pictures and alternatives like easier/harder variations, use of props, etc. They allow you to create a practice that works for you and goes at your speed. (I’ve heard complaints that videos sometimes move too fast.)

Another great option is to create your own home practice. All you need is some information and guidance and you can create a well-rounded home practice specifically for you. It’s important to include a variety of poses from different categories. Then add in a few things you love and a few things you struggle to enjoy. To help you get started I’ll offer two chances for you to learn how to create a practice. Those dates are June 12 at 2:00pm and June 28 at 6:00pm. You can register here.

If you can’t attend either of those times I’m happy to create a flow for you. Contact me directly to arrange that.

A home practice deepens what you experience in class. It provides the opportunity to practice discipline. It keeps you excited about learning more about yourself and about yoga. Home practice is the foundation we build the rest of our journey around. Once you begin a home practice you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.