Will You Please Help Me?

As a Yogi and a small business owner, I find the task of promoting breath.life.yoga to be somewhat daunting. I love to talk about what I do and yet, I don’t want to sound like a broken record. Plus the idea of tooting my own horn makes me really uncomfortable. Marketing is quite a challenge.

I DO feel I offer a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to yoga, meditation, and holistic lifestyle. I’ve spent much of the last quarter of 2016 updating the breath.life.yoga website. I’ve refined and added to the marketing pieces. I’m trying to increase my social media presence and (hopefully) bringing new life to this blog. As I expand the offerings at the studio to include health coaching, and shine a light on numerology and reiki, I hope to serve a wider audience. I’m doing my best to get the word about me and breath.life yoga out into the world.

Will you help me? As with most small business the best marketing comes from my wonderful clients. Referrals make up much of the new business I see. Simply sharing a Facebook post or inviting your like-minded friends to “like” us on Facebook goes a long way. I’m on Twitter and Instagram as well. And did you know you can have this blog delivered to your inbox? I’m happy to provide you with materials to share and offer your friends a free class to try. Please help me spread the word about breath.life.yoga, a holistic approach to inspired living, in 2017. Thank you.